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What should you expect
at the startup festival:

  • Investors from around the world who are actively seeking to invest in startups like yours
  • Other startups who may be potential partners or collaborators
  • Mentors and advisors who can provide valuable guidance and support
  • Representatives from various organizations who may offer resources and support for your startup
  • Experts and speakers who can provide insights and knowledge to help grow your business.
"Attending the Spark Event was a life-changing experience for me and my business. The connections I made with investors and mentors resulted in $1.5 million in funding and invaluable advice that helped us scale our business."
"I am so grateful for the opportunities that the Spark Event provided me and my team. We secured a partnership with a major corporation that has allowed us to expand our business globally, and we also gained access to top-tier investors that resulted in $750,000 in funding."
"The Spark Event was the perfect platform for us to showcase our innovative technology to potential investors and partners. We connected with industry leaders and secured a strategic partnership that has taken our business to new heights."

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